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Rahul Bose as Villain in Kamal Hassan’s “Viswaroopam”

Kollywood is known to have introduced rough and hard bouncing villain through movies. The villains of Tamil movies are much popular as its hero and heroines. Tamil film audience had accepted villain for their negative shades and rough behaviors and at the same time they have accepted these villains as hero too.

MGR-Shivaji had M.N.Nambiar, M.R. Radha and Asokan as their villains. Rajinikant and Kamal Hassan had Satyaraj and Anand Raj as their villains. Then Kollywood had Radharavi, Nasser, Mansur Ali Khan, Sarath kumar, etc., now to this Villain’s list, the latest entry is Rahul Bose in Kamal Hassan’s “Viswaroopam”

Rahul Bose is a Bollywood actor who has International fame in the film festival circuit. Apart from being an actor, he is also a director, screenwriter, ruby union player and social activist. Kamal Hassan has picked him for this mega movie because of his acting talent and suitability to the assigned character with negative shades in the movie. On the other hand, Rahul said to the media that he loved to be a baddies. He is doing this type of role for the first time in his career. He feels lucky to share screen space with Kamal.

Rahul Bose had his debut in the movie titled ‘English August’. A TV serial named ‘A Mouthful of Sky’ had him playing a key role. In the movie titled ‘Split Wide Open’, Rahul received the “Best Actor” award for the role he enacted with perfection. The movie titled “Everybody says I’m Fine!” was Rahul`s directorial debut movie. It fetched him ‘John Schlesinger’ award in Palm STrings Festival in 2003. Now with “Viswaroopam”, it is definite that Rahul will go places.

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