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Asianet TV Kailasanathan Serial (Malayalam) Story

Kailasanathan is a Mega Malayalam Tv Serial on Asianet on epic stories of Lord Shiva.

Kailasanathan is the story of the hindu God Shiva, also called as Mahadev. In the show shiva takes many incarnations and many incidents take place. When sati immolates herself to avenge Mahadev’s disrespect, Adi Shakti returns in the form of Devi Parvati to unite with shiva.


Watch the divine stories of Lord Shiva in this epic serial “Kailasanathan” at 10.00 PM, Monday to Friday, only on Asianet TV.

Cast and Crew of Kailasanathan Serial

  • Mohit Raina as Lord Shiva
  • Mouni Roy as Sathi
  • Sonarika Bhadora as Parvati
  • King Himavan as Pankhi Dheer
  • Mainvati as Shilpa Tulaskar


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