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A Woman in Brahmanism, sex movie on Brahmins in Tollywood

a women in brahmanism - First Look Hot Picture

Recently we have a huge debate on a controversial movie, ‘Sorry Teacher‘ and its side effects on society. The movie was initially banned and then permitted following some cuts in the movie.

Now, one more such new movie is under the radar for its explicit theme and hurting the sentiments of a particular section of the society.

This is all about a movie titled ‘Women in Brahmanism.’ The first look of this movie was released recently and it instantly stirred a dispute among a section of Andhra Pradesh Brahmnin Seva Sangh. It shows the bold theme of the movie. The movie is based on the novel ‘Brahmanikam’ written by Chalam.

“Why are producers and directors insulting great writers like Chalam by making C Grade Sex pictures? Where did Chalam project Brahmin Women with obscenity like the way we are seeing in this movie? Censor Board members should be hanged to death for giving a clearance to this kind of filthy movies,’ warned a member of Andhra Pradesh Brahmnin Seva Sangh.

But the producer of the movie has promised to edit the scenes which could be found troublesome for this section of society. The movie is scheduled to release next month. But this is surely to get the attention for this small budget movie says trade analyst.

A woman in Brahmanism Trailer

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